Why I Left YouTube...I'm Sorry

Avaldati 15 veebr 2021
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Here's why you haven't seen a video from me in a very long time. That changes today. Hopefully.
00:00 Intro
00:54 Thank you
01:28 What happened to me
03:18 How I'm going to fix it
04:17 Breaking up the channel
05:26 Status of the Mclaren 675LT build
06:10 Coming up after Mclaren
06:33 Car Trek 4
07:33 Thanks and an apology
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  • leave youtube pls

  • Yo just stay safe.

  • Pleased to hear that car trek is up and running

  • Freddy I had a bout of the COVID back in December. I never had a fever all throughout my sickness but I had body aches a fairly persistent cough. I knew I had it when I had no sense of smell or taste. I was down for about 12 days. Wasn’t eating much for those days. I really enjoy your channel. The stuff you do for AutoTrek is hilarious. Get better and keep up the great content. Thank you much for your hard work.

  • Tavarish needed time to spend all that new money baybeeee

  • *Copart Covid and took 9 months to finish and still not done*

  • No stress man. Don't worry about DDE and what they do. You do what you want!

  • Sorry to hear you were ill. Never apologise for putting your health first. Take it easy and thanks for all the great content (and Jared's a great friend to have!). I'm also hearing a lot of first hand stories here in the UK of people getting what is clearly COVID but returning a negative result.

  • Eddy you have to change your diet (low GI carbs/ low carb IF) and start working out, running sprints, it would be just a cold for you in that case.

  • Can't wait subscribed to your other channel and also insta

  • Sounds like Meniers disease.

  • Were you doing girl push ups?

  • Ur hair had grown wow ur sponser products work❤️🔥

  • U deserve a vacation n glad to see u better nd get even better u n ur fam

  • very glad your back on youtube.

  • Man I hope you and your wife get 100% better. Take care.

  • A ton of people make second channels. It's a money move and good for your traffic from what I've read. I can't hate on that. Make all the $.

  • Jared is cool. I've seen him somewhere else before and I can't place it? Anyone know? Other show maybe?

  • 2 months with no income. That would not be fun.

  • That gross BMW got you sick.

  • Non car video gets 700k views too

  • Cool, more Jarrett. He is the best Santa. Great comic relief, reminds me of my friend Ron even looks like Ron.

  • Hey Bro, not to worry Tavarish. Your health is equally just as important. So taking off time to physically take your self and your family, is too priority!! Glad your starting to feel better!

  • Man please. Yo ass was just with cleetus. You know damn well you haven’t been social distancing. You’re a Florida guy.

    • Your health and family come first .

  • Subbed to your 2nd channel....Keep up the good work!!!

    • I wouldn’t be mad if this was your last video. You ever finish anything yet? No. Sounds about right.

  • Happy to hear you’re going to change your lifestyle. Not trying to criticize but the weight gain has been noticeable since I first started following you. Good luck 👍

  • God bless you ❤

  • A little CVD-19 hack for Tavarish and anyone else. If you want to get an Antibody test done to see if you have had CVD and don't want to pay for it, give blood at Red Cross, get their app and they will upload the results in a few days after you give blood.

  • Ive had the same thing for the last few weeks. Took the test 3x times and always come up negative.

  • Another channel you don’t keep up with one channel in the last 6 months

  • I don't get why so many EEpushrs don't wear masks in their videos. Then those who wear masks, keep touching the front of the mask and putting it on dirty counters. They also wear the mask under their nose.

  • Glad you are back!! You are blessed to have Jared as a friend!! And we’ll, you’re ok too!!

  • Sorry to hear that Bruh.glad you are feeling better. Take a break that Corona is a M*×+=%Er.

  • When’s next car trek video

  • I wacht it all the way intell chrismas

  • Glad you guys don't be wearing mask like some WOKE freaks while filming 😂😂

    • Taaaaaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaaarrrrriiiiiisssssh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending love high 5's and thumbs up.

  • wow the fto still around

  • We glad you back buddy. Did you go for full checkup. I noticed you and Jared been picking up a few dollars and pounds. Lockdown did that to me. Building up immune system, exercise, eating healthier is the best remedy. Got some recipes for assisting immune system if u need.

  • I wouldn’t be mad if this was your last video. You ever finish anything yet? No. Sounds about right.

  • Your health and family come first .

  • so to summarise.. your too ill to post videos but your going to launch a second channel and publish reviews and other content there in addition to what you do on here.Hmmm, ok....... Also, brain fog isn't a symptom of covid its an after effect, as is loss of energy. You sound more like you had a mild case of the Flu.

  • Challenge accepted!

    • you say you mask up, but you're seen in your videos all last year not wearing a mask around others

  • I wouldn’t be mad if this was your last video. You ever finish anything yet? No. Sounds about right.

  • Ahaaa Ahaaa Ahaaa, Don't call it a Come Back ! 🔧 Wrench everyday Sir. Let's Do It. I know what you mean, me and wife were sick too. We had family that passed away also, hey finish that Mc-Laren and contribute the build to over coming challenges in life ! 🍻 cheers on the Build !

  • Glad your feeling some what better. Hopefully your family is as well.

  • bro u related to misha mansoor or nah

  • Always enjoyed this channel

  • #McNugget

  • Your health is everything! No health, no channel! Love what you’re doing....keep up the great work!

  • Taaaaaaaaaaaaavaaaaaaaaarrrrriiiiiisssssh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending love high 5's and thumbs up.

  • Tev is a muppet

  • Man 👆 FFS

    • It's okay. Your content hasn't really been all that good since you got done with the white lambo

  • I love your channel and I'm so glad you are better but that thumbnail is pure cringe.

  • Take it easy mate. Prefer to see you come back healthy than not at all.

  • Hi mate Love the channels love the content that you put through stay healthy very important my friend you should set up a challenge between yourself and Gerard every pound lost your game more subscribers on this channel and the other channel love to see you healthy and fit by the way I have subscribe to the new channel 💪👍

  • Freddie go to your doctor now. Ok ts very important to do so now. Please do so. You have something that needs treatment.

  • you say you mask up, but you're seen in your videos all last year not wearing a mask around others

  • Oh no man I'm so sorry I hope you feel better soon

    • Take good care mate I hope you get better soon.

  • Mask and distancing is useless as expected.

  • when you can.

  • Clickbait

  • This mew format is sickkkkk

  • The great part is,you can not post videos for a month or w/e and still have 1.8 million subscribed.

  • Knee push ups 🤣

    • Glad your doing better man

  • Glad to see it didnt kill ya...I know a couple of people that didnt fair as well. Get better and Im sure Jared will do a good job.

  • One of the covid19 research programs revealed that; oddly enough, people who got a lot of sleep while sick were more likely to recover more effectively. This seems to relate back to this virus reacting very agressively to high levels of oxygen in the body - so if you sleep your heart rate and breathing slows down - the article i read also seemed to think the chemicals your body releases while asleep had some anti-covid19 properties. It probably also allows your body to better redirect resources towards fighting it; that would otherwise be used while you were awake. So take your vitamins, drink lots of water, and get lots of sleep.. get well man.

  • It's okay. Your content hasn't really been all that good since you got done with the white lambo

  • Hey tavarish, I live in central Florida and was wondering if I could ask a favor. I am a big fan of guys like yourself, hoovie, rabbit etc. I have cerebral palsy. So I will never get to experience the car's you do in the way you do. Could there ever be a chance where I could tour your shop and experience some of your rides?

  • What happened to the Ebay civic bro?

  • Okay, you say it's not covid. Yet you're having debilitating health issues where you can't do regular everyday life tasks. You're either lying or not taking this serious enough to actually go get in depth health care help. I'm leaning towards you're probably just full of shit.

  • You left us. Worst than goonzquad building homes.

  • Take good care mate I hope you get better soon.

  • what a clown,who gives a shit you didnt post anything?another stupid youtuber less its a good thing

  • Get well. We're in no hurry for the videos your health comes first.

  • Get well soon!

  • Take care of you and your family brother. Subscribed to the new channel. Side note. Throw out that Harbor Freight mechanic's stool. They break and guess where the pole goes? There are some videos of that out there. Not a pretty site Freddy.

  • Those symptoms sounds more like a stress reaction than Covid-19.

    • Sounds like when I had Mono when I got out of the Army.

  • Glad your doing better man

  • Sadness

  • #headbladedotcom...

  • I had two negative covid test and 3 weeks later my doctor confirmed we as having it . So no worries about getting yourself better before trying work again

  • I love you man, but get your ass in shape and eat healthy #75hard

  • Glad you and yours are doing well and feeling better. It’s super important to get the rest.... So rest up and get back to normal...

  • you're gonna have to do real push ups though. those girly ones don't count

  • Love your channel would really enjoy joining your second channel but dude you didn't tell me what it is I can't follow the links and things if you tell me the name of something I took it to my phone and it will are puts me there what is the name of your new channel mate some of us do not have vision and still enjoy listening to your content keep up the good work hope you feel better soon mate

  • WE

  • Freddy. We are here for you no matter what. Please get back to 100%

  • We'll all be here no matter what, take your time. The same thing happened to me and my wife, we felt off for a month, on and off fever, took a long time to feel normal again.

  • Take it easy long covid is a big issue 👍

  • I have Fibromyalgia so I know all about brain fog, it's a reason I'm not posting EEpush videos and I'm busy with work.

  • Good for you I work 16 hour days with my father dying of cancer I must work to keep my family going but yeah you have family and don’t have Covid-19 so what do you want sympathy?

  • Glad that you are feeling better. Continue with your recovery.

  • I have also had brain fog since COVID in November. Good news it is going away however it has taken a while.

  • Tavarish, currently going through the same symptoms that you have it actually started last week on me on Tuesday this is day five I’m not running a temperature and my oxygen level is good and I’ve been pumping myself full of vitamins from Wednesday on or maybe it was Thursday however you are correct about the brain fog! For me it feels like there’s a cement truck in my head clogged ears I had stuffy nose no taste or smell brain fog and slight fatigue Earlier in the week on Friday I went to my doctor to get a Covid test today came back positive Sunday hey slight dizziness at times

  • Don't stress, Freddy. Family and health come first. Thanks for letting us know, and I'm glad you're both well despite the 'Rona. You da man, Jared!

  • lol doing female pushups :)=

  • Good. Get in shape. Take care of yourself and go bald. That hair is bad bro. 😂

  • Today everybody with a cold seems to be hysterical dying on covid....even without a positve test. Anyway...thanx for the contend and now i go dying on climate change..

  • Your second channel has over 50k subs & no videos. And I can’t even get my channel to 1000 with almost 200 videos smh. Now I’m depressed lol.

  • Your viewers never left man