Mclaren Said My 675LT Would NEVER Drive Again...So I Proved Them WRONG (And Made My Car WAY Faster)

Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
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Today, I take my wrecked (and rebuilt) Mclaren 675LT out on the road for the first time. It's 1 of 500 cars made in the world and the most expensive car I've ever built. No pressure.
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  • Guys, considering buying an Audi S5 2013/2014 with around 60k miles... thoughts? Reliable? Money pit? Total crap? Need some tips...

  • Gentlemen, Hats off to you🎩, I’m in the auto collision industry and run multi-million dollar repair facilities and watched your progress. Although, some methods are questionable for the OEM or consumer, if I was doing it for myself personally? It would go very similar. Keeping things cost effective and playing with what cards are dealt to you. And now having a running driving chassis. Great work. That car was pretty messed up....seeing you drive it leads me to write a comment. I surely enjoy watching all that you guys do. Thank you and be safe

  • Watched the build from the start, truely inspirational

  • Once again: If you can dream it, you can built it, confirmed. 👍

  • I feel like this leaves you with a unique opportunity. This car will likely never be worth what a minty fresh one would be. Why not get with some of the right people and build a custom 675. Build the kind of thing that most of these owners never would because they are worried about wrecking the value of the car. Just a thought.

  • I love seeing how these are actually put together. Love the videos! Can’t wait to see it all finished. Here’s a video of the same car with the scoop I have on my channel.

  • Ah good you had the seatbelt on

  • Jared is such an awesome guy!

  • Built by robots repaired by amerture machanicks

  • You're both amazing

  • You're a genius

  • U ever going to finish this. Im going to have to find another channel if not. Seem to be slipping on the show and making videos that lost my Interest. Just saying

  • Hoonigan: we took all the body panels off a miata Tavarish: hold my beer

  • So happy for you Freddy!!!!!!

  • I hope Jared is getting paid, he is like there all the time

  • Sorry to bother but getting hungry out here for a new video. Hope ur feeling better almost done with that car trek stuff.

    • The performance will be disappointing after you put the body panels back on.

  • Bloody awesome work . can’t wait for next one. Your smile told the story 🤣

  • I cannot believe you got a crashed McLaren running again @tavarish !!!!

  • “I never thought we would get to this point”-lies

  • Amazing!!!

  • It is Leroy's European cousin...

  • Insane car indeed,but honestly an insane build, you did what McLaren claimed could never be done. Congratulations sir🎉🎊🎉🎊🎊🎉🎊

    • "There are no check engine lights" it's a Mclaren...give it ten

  • Awesome ,new sub

  • Everything is fixable with enough passion and money. Most people are lacking one or the other. Or both.

  • Yo Tavarish. How much are you into this Mclaren Kart? Would love to do this. Or possibly with a salvage Lamborghini.

  • Wow tavarish taking jokes on straddy , damon 😂😂

  • Freddy sir ur hair had grown back wow ur sponserd products work.. 👍👍👍❤️💜

  • I'm calling it McLeroy now

  • Weight reduction

  • Thanks to Autotempest I was able to find my (extremely rare) dream car, and it's even local to me. Too bad I can't afford it.

  • The performance will be disappointing after you put the body panels back on.

  • KPI is king pin inclination. though modern cars don't have King pins

  • @Tavarish So genuine question... add up how much you paid for the wreck, how much you've already spent including everything (e.g. garage space rental, labor), and how much more you're gonna have to put into it before it's finished.... will you actually end up paying more than the cost of a used, good condition 675LT?

    • What's the safeword to come get you.... "Team america" I laughed so hard at that

  • Keep it looking like that. Maybe put a Honda Civic body on top?

  • Clear body panels would be titts

  • I am ashamed to say I want to see a mclaren kart

    • On the road/track if applicable

  • "There are no check engine lights" it's a Mclaren...give it ten

  • Why not make a wide body?

  • McLeroy...LOL

  • Amazing!

  • This is amazing

    • 100% break and 100% throttle... way to go!!! I hope the chassis / shell will go just as good and pretty.

  • Needs a flux capacitor!!!!

  • Hell yeah I would love to outrun the police in this thing good luck police tahoo and changers

  • And that eclipse from fast and furios?

  • I'm glad the content is really engaging, because 2 double youtube ads, plus an in-video ad within the first 5:40 is ridiculous. I shouldn't have to resort to shitty ad blockers to get around this. I am literally here only for the Mclaren rebuild due to the excessive ads, forget me resubscribing, (as i once was,) or subbing to the 2nd channel unless this situation changes. I get paying the bills, but this takes the piss.

    • "Its an apocalypse build!" BisforBuild: Sneezes

  • Beautiful!!!

    • the ( fu tu re to co me.

  • Shouldn't those tires be sitting on plates to adjust angles?

  • What's the safeword to come get you.... "Team america" I laughed so hard at that

  • I can only imagine some stoggy VP at the McLaren HQ watching this video with a very deep frown on his face. At the same time, I can imagine some of their other people laughing like the rest of us.

  • Is that the Yugo that Doug Demuro reviewed in the back ? 😂

  • Oh my god, I just lost it when he hit the tree with the drone. So funny. Love your guys' content, you are both horribly awkward, but also so legit. Mad props for getting to this point. Have watched all the build videos. If you ever get to 200 mph I'll be there!

  • Oh I wanna see a McLaren *RATROD!* 🤘😆

  • Astonishing job! Mclaren models use complex technology.

  • I've only just found this channel and ive watched the first 16 videos on the 675lt maclaran and they were brilliant' tavarish has made an almost impossible rebuild into a great story.!so thanks I've really enjoyed the story so far and I can't wait to see what it's like

  • 100% break and 100% throttle... way to go!!! I hope the chassis / shell will go just as good and pretty.

  • Congrats man, this is inspiring and your excitement is palpable :)

  • You are even more crazy Tavarish!

  • Put a cage .... make it Leroy 2.0 . I dare you

  • This needs an exo cage Like Leroy but with your own twist

  • the ( fu tu re to co me.

  • "Its an apocalypse build!" BisforBuild: *Sneezes*

  • Awsome😀😎

  • I think to keep that rustic super look you should replicate the body in clear Perspex or something of that kind so it’s see through seen as it’s stripped like that. Get the body moulded.

  • This is such a happy video

  • mclarens dont have stock camber adjustment? really? this is a performance car!


  • I can't wait to see the outcome. I have a feeling that it's going to break the internet when it's completed.

  • Whatever Freddy is paying Jared, it's not enough.

  • this is basically wangan midnight

  • As Colin Chapman, of Lotus fame, once said, "The only place you want to see extra weight is on a steamroller." He'd have been proud of you guys!

  • Was that a Bugatti Veyron SS?!

  • McZilla

  • I think the 675 is such a great car, better quality build and more reliable than the newer models and they make a nice crack of the whip at high revving gear changes in sport mode.

  • Neon Leon.

  • Cool job man!! Well done! Wow!

  • Is this your car Freddy? Amazing job getting this so close to being finished. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Officer:Do you think this car is roadworthy? John Candy: Yes I do officer,Yes I do. Trains Planes and Automobiles.

  • McLeroy or delete your channel.

  • Yo da man!

  • Are you not scared to trow some rock in intercooler?

  • don't get it twisted, that car is a McLaren only on papers, other than that, that car will never run like a McLaren ever again

  • This needs to become the mclaren version of Cletus mcfarlands Leroy

  • Even an army truck feels amazing when you drive it without a windshield or doors. Try a dune buggy sometime

  • I bet that windshield is expensive as shit

  • Next video:My mom said I was a mistake so I proved her wrong This is just a joke don’t take seriously

    • all their cars. This proves all the nay sayers wrong I love it man your channel is truly awesome. Godbless you!

  • At the end, is that a Honda Beat in the background?? Noice.

  • This car isn't fighting it wants to be brought back to life lol

  • This has to be my favourite build of yours yet. You and Jared have done an amazing job bring this McLaren back to life. Was a nice moment seeing it drive again after so many years. Hope your feeling better and keep up the great work with Jared

  • its fimi drone ?

  • It's nice you have tie rods in the rear for toe adjustment. Most cars, if they have adjustable rear toe, use eccentric bolts. On the rack, it's always: "just a little bit more... oh shit, way too far." Rinse and repeat 5 times until you find the sweet spot.

  • This is why you and Jared are the Kings! When Mclaren says it'll never be right. Challenge Accepted! Zip~

  • you should put as Alex Choi's twin-turbo Huracan

  • Really happy to see it coming together! Respect for doing almost all the work by yourselves!

  • Sick dude


  • Leave it the way it is looks insane.

  • Love the fact that you've proven so many wrong from the sl55 to the Murcielago! Congratulations again !

  • Love the vid bud

  • At 14:36 Wide tires = Shitty turning radius

  • 🙌🙌🙌 This is the most epic build yet. You brought this thing back from the dead brother. Kudos to you and Jared. McLaren should offer you a position with their company to save all their cars. This proves all the nay sayers wrong I love it man your channel is truly awesome. Godbless you!